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3D printing technology is fast evolving, with companies now producing objects ranging from castles to lawn mowers. But until now, no one has been able to print a 3D airplane that flies. Now, European aerospace company, Airbus, has created a mini-plane, named Thor, which is the world’s first 3D printed aircraft.

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In his latest, Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg blasts his way into the 21st Century. Steven Spielberg’s hectic sci-fi action-adventure, Ready Player One, is set half in the real world and half in virtual reality, so it’s not surprising that two of its characters should discuss the differences between those competing realms. Ready Player One

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Central Air Secluded Check-in: 4:00 p. Who doesn’t want to watch detective Joaquin Phoenix stumbling around Los Angeles trying to solve the disappearance of his former girlfriend while fried out of his mind? Dave Chappelle, playing the pothead janitor — aka custodian — Thurgood Jenkins and the impotent, weed-obsessed rapper Sir Smoke-a-Lot.

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It opens with a startling assassination in Trafalgar Square, where a sniper kills a female member of the security service to allow another gunman to kill a leading politician with Irish connections. The events are watched by U. TV reporter Sarah Truman and Major Joe Dempsey, formerly of the SAS, now a military intelligence officer.